From The Sketch Book

March 7, 2008

Halloween Mockups

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from-the-sketch-book-a-b.jpgfrom-the-sketch-book-a-b2.jpgI used to mock up my sketches with a real quick full color wash and fax them to art directors. Since the fax printed in black and white only, color was pointless.  I eventually switched to a blue wash for contrast reasons. Oddly, I actually like the look of the two color art mock ups and I paint them REAL QUICKLY. When I paint finished, I tend to tighten up and it takes me forever. Weird!   This particular card concept is FROM THE DOG!  Not that dog will actually go to the store and purchase it but rather a friend or loved one will send it from the dog to it’s owner. I found this to be a fun new slant and have pitched entire lines of pet cards. As for where the inspiration to write and draw this stuff comes from, I just think about my own experiences. When trick or treaters come to the door on Halloween night, my dog always used to freak out. I kept that in mind when coming up with this idea. As I mentioned previously, draw what you know. Since I often incorporate animals into my cards, I can find inspiration from my own pets, wife, child, friends and even situations I’m observing.  If it’s happening to me—it’s happening to someone else to.  The best card is simply something that everyone can associate with.


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