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March 17, 2008

Three (no six) Stooges

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six-stooges005-2.jpg Normally, I will be writing about images from my sketch book but recently I’ve been thinking about some ways in which I’ve tried to earn income over the years as a freelance artist. I’ve drawn the Three Stooges numerous times and this particular drawing from the early 90’s was a montage of all six of the Stooges that played in either their shorts, or their full length movies. I had thought about making prints and selling them but after I finished it, I learned that unless I paid a fee to the owners of the Stooge License, it would be illegal. I never could come up with enough money to do that myself  so in the end, I actually sold this 22×30 original to a customer for $75.00. Silly on my part but as an artist, you do whatever you can to pay the bills. Back then my studio was on the 9th floor of an office building and when rent was due— it was DUE! Pay your rent first– eat second. One of these days I’ll try to redraw a montage like this again. I think I could do an even better job today of paying respect to some of the best comedians of their time. Nuck-Nuck!


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