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March 27, 2008

Oil Sketch

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untitled-1.jpgI don’t come from what you’d call an artistic family. I’ve been told I have a few distant cousins on my Mother’s side of the family who paint but I don’t really know much about them. What I do know, (besides the fact that my Dad is still waiting for me to get a REAL JOB)… is some of my fondest “artistic childhood memories” are looking at my mother’s painting class work or actually observing her working on some off her own oil paintings in the family den. In all my own years of painting professionally, I’ve actually never tried working in oil myself. Not sure if it’s the slow drying time or what but I’m usually to impatient to do things in steps that might require days of drying time. That’s kind of why I like watercolors. You have to work FAST! When I recently stopped by my parent’s house, I was glad to see that my now retired Mother had her old art instruction books out again and it looked like she was trying to find inspiration. While we talked about the books, she confessed that she hadn’t painted in over eight years. She said was worried that since she’d be so rusty, whatever she created wouldn’t be good enough to show. As I’ve previously mentioned in this blog, my motto is… don’t think-just draw. I encouraged her to tackle something small and to just get her painting hand moving again. Even though we made tentative plans to spend a day painting together, I could tell that my Mother just might try and let this turn into another eight year sabbatical. To combat this, I went home and painted this horrible oil study on my computer. No mess, no drying time and no turpentine smell. I then promptly email it her to show that I was serious. Sure it’s horrible but I figured I needed to abide by my own words and to not think–but just to use this new Wacom tablet. Hope we make a painting day happen. If we do, I’ll write about how it went in another blog.


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