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April 11, 2008


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Funny how certain “key moments” in your life stand out. Artistically speaking, my own key moment happened when I was about 5 years old. I was drawing in my living room with my older brother and he showed me how to draw Snoopy. After only a few tries, I was told I was drawing better than him. With that simple encouragement, I then knew I wanted to “BECOME” Charles Schultz. To this day I still emulate his line work and I think my own character’s hands look very Peanut like. Years latter (I believe 1999) I wrote a gushing “fan letter” to Sparky. I enclosed art I had done professionally and even drew a picture of one of my own characters hugging Snoopy. I placed the letter in mail box and promptly forgot about it. A few weeks latter I opened my mailbox to find a hand written letter from Charles’s wife Jean. In this letter, she told me that Charles had taken ill (something I didn’t know at the time) and that she’d been reading letters to him. She wrote that she’d specifically read my letter and that she’d also shown him my art. She then mentioned that although he was having a hard time talking, he’d smiled. For Jean to pass along those words to me while her husband was sick speaks of what a nice person she is. I’m forever grateful to her. People are just people and God tells you to never worship anyone. But to me, reading that Mr. Schultz (someone I held in such high regard) had actually acknowledged my art, means to the world to me. PBS has a great documentary on his life and when I’d listen to Charles talk about his own insecurities, it actually gave me comfort to know that we were a little bit alike too. I’d just like to say thank you to Jean Schultz for her thoughtfulness and a heartfelt thank you to Good O Charles for giving a five year old direction in life! I hope I can be even 1% as good as you!


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