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May 1, 2008

Draw me the Funny

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Whenever I need reference material to draw from, it’s just a click away. Need to know what a coffee pot from the 40’s looked like… Goggle it. Need to know what the rim of a 72 Buick Skylark looks like… Yahoo it. Back in the early 90’s though, it wasn’t that simple. My studio was in the down town business district of Worcester, MA. Whenever I needed images of things to draw I had to run over to the public library and look through dozens of books. I got pretty familiar with their reference section but I often think back to a book I picked up but never took out. It was a “HOW TO become an illustrator” book. It showed lots of art samples and talked about the pros and cons of the business. Most of the illustrations were of things I didn’t personally care for but there was a section specifically for humor artists. That part, I loved!!! I’ve since looked for that same book again but can’t find it. Ever since then I’ve had it in my mind that I should compile a how to book myself. Not that I know everything. (Far from it.) But at the very least, to put together a book of art and artist that inspire me.  A book that might help inspire budding greeting card artists, children’s book artist, humor artists, comic strip artists, caricaturists and editorial artists! Sure, you could go on the Internet and find all that info yourself for free but there’s nothing like the feeling of picking up a book and not wanting to put it down. So…. after over 20 years of doing this, I think I’m ready to start the process of getting another artists book on the shelf of the public libraries everywhere. If you’re an artist who has some interesting stories behind your success AND failures, shoot me an email.


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