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May 9, 2008

Art Faux Pas

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It’s funny to look back at old photos of yourself and say “gees… what a goober I was! Why did I think parachute pants were cool?   And what’s the deal with wearing two Izod shirts at once?”  Occasionally I’ll see old pieces of art I drew and it’s even more embarrassing. “Why did I use that color and the technique is horrible?”  Regardless, you always need to move ahead artistically and not be afraid to sell you art. Your style is always evolving and if you waited until you loved everything you drew, you’d be 110.  When I’ve been asked what’s my favorite drawing that I’ve ever done… I answer, “My next one!”

That said, a poor style or color is one thing but you do need to make sure your “art content” is correct.  Especially when drawing things people have passion for.  Case in point:  This is my very first caricature effort.  I did it at age 17 or 18 in art school. People really liked it and it gave me inspiration to keep drawing more.  Not being a HUGE baseball fan though, I was more worried about the multi player layout then the content. One day a kid in my art class looked a the art and said…. “Big mistake here!  Dwight Evans has the glove on his wrong hand. He’s a golden glove player too!”  Heck,  I’d never even thought about that detail  while drawing it.  But in some regards, a detail like that was just as important as getting the faces right.  Just like those embarrassing parachute pants and skinny ties I’d wear in the 80’s… old drawing will ALWAYS keep me humble and remind me to not forget the important details!


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