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July 1, 2008

..and Son!!!

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Every parent  hopes that their child will enjoy doing everything that they themself enjoy doing.   I enjoy dirt biking so when my son was only 3, I went out and got him a real dirt bike. (And NO..Mommy wasn’t happy about that purchase.)  I enjoy bicycling so if you look in my garage, you’ll note my son  has 3  different bikes to ride for himself.  Not because “HE” himself wanted 3 bikes but because I wanted him to have the same kind of bikes I ride.   Like every parent soon  discovers though,  a child has to pick his/her own interest to become their own individual person.   Now that he’s getting older, it can’t be me forcing him to do what I want him to do all the time.  

When I renamed my business to Scott Nelson and Son in 1995 (I did that when he was born and I had to move my studio home) the implication is that there is two working artist when you call me.  That was a lot of pressure on an 8 week old!  Now that he’s 12, I’ve seen that he actually does like to draw on his own. And it’s not because I’m forcing him to draw either but because it’s what he wants to do.  I’ll always need to remember to tell him what I tell my students, “draw what you like!”  In this case, he likes to play video games.   So….. I’m proudly showing you one of his drawings that he did on his own.  He taught himself an art program and is drawing what he likes without my help or suggestions!    I’m very proud of his efforts because he was inspired by something and he then drew what he wanted!  That is where all good art comes! So, to me… this is a Norman Rockwell or would that be Nelson Rockwell?


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