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August 27, 2008

Painting Outside

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I’ve never been good at drawing or painting outside. Oh sure, I tell my students to do it but it’s kind of a do as I say, not do as I do approach. Way back in 1986 when I myself was in art school, my professor (the late Great Alex Gazonas) used to literally force the class outside to paint. “Just come back with something good he’d gruff.” Once you open a studio though, you tend to feel comfortable in your own work space. I mean I did spend hundreds of dollars on my “just like sunlight light bulbs”. Setting up outside seems pointless to me now. This year though I vowed to still honor Alex’s request. I went on vacation with my family in Maine and simply brought a pad of water color paper, a few colors and a brush. When the surf was low, I sat outside the cottage in the direct sunlight and painted a few times. There were sand spiders at my feet, hornets in the air, I got sun burnt and it was so bright I almost went sun blind. That said, it was one of the highlights of my vacation. This painting of the Wells beach is pretty bad but I like it because I will always remember where I was when I painted it. So do as I NOW actually do and get out there and paint. Maybe I’ll join yah.


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