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September 18, 2008

You have a big head Mr.

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After 20 years or so of being in business, lots of  jobs blend together.  The good ones are  memorable while the bad ones stick out even more so.  As mentioned previously, I worked at McDonald’s for 14 years so dealing with the public was never anything I had a problem with.   The customer truly is always right.  Yet one of my early memories of dealing with an irrational customer for my own business revolved around a caricature assignment. I think I was still in my first year in business and the job was to draw individual caricatures of a high school hockey team.   I think it was eleven drawings total so it was a REALLY good pay day that early in my career.  When the mothers from the booster club came to pick up the drawings on completion, one of the moms was very happy while another became increasingly frazzled as she looked at all the framed drawings I had presented in my studio.   Finally the frazzled mom burst out…”WHY IS MY SON’S HEAD SO BIG??”    I then said pointing at all eleven drawings laid out “Um,  they’re all big that way.”  She then said “But my son’s head is bigger than the others!”   Looking at all the drawings, her son’s head actually was a little bit bigger in relation to the other kid’s caricatures.  But after all– it was  a caricature and each were supposed to be a different scene for the position they played on the ice.   I then said “Well, does it look like his face?   She said “Why yes it does —- but his head is truly not that big in real life!   I honestly don’t recall what was said next but Mom then began to cry.  Not a small tear in her eye but sobbing crying that frightened me.  Probably the other mom too.   Needless to say,  I did what I learned to do at McDonalds. When a customer is not happy, you do not charge them.  And needless to say, the mom still took the framed art with her.   After they left I waited a few minutes and took a walk down the hallway to the restroom.  Just by chanse they were still waiting for the elevator in the building I was located in.  Ironically, the mom was now laughing.   So… I learned that day that the customer is always right AND I was a sucker.


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