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August 22, 2009

Pencil sketching outdoors.

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Maine Cottage PencilLast year I brought some art supplies on vacation and did a bit of painting at the Maine cottage we go to. This year I got so busy packing the truck with my surfboard stuff that I forgot about packing my art stuff. Since the trip was only going to be an extended weekend, I figured it wasn’t a big deal and didn’t turn around to go get the materials back at the studio.  Once  on that beautiful Maine seacoast though, I couldn’t help but want to create something.  Luckily I had a drawing tablet  and a few pencils under my truck’s seat  .  On day two, (after surfing of course) I  made my way down to the sand looking for some inspiration.  I found it when I turned around to look back at the cottage.   A lobster trap that had washed up and was under the beach stairs.  I plunked myself down and went to work! Less then 45 minutes later I felt the lap of water at my feet and realized I was about to be over taken by the incoming tide.  So this quick pencil sketch is NOT accurate at all.  It hardly shows the lobster trap I intended on sketching and it doesn’t  show ten or so relatives at the top of that rock wall pointing, laughing and hoping I am  taken out by a HUGE wave.   LOL ! Vacations are soooo awesome!


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  1. its aewsome

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