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October 19, 2009

Have a Nasty Christmas

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I remember many years back doing a design for a card company named Comstock Greetings.  They wanted the  jokes and art  to be VERY smutty or as nasty as possible.  Their P.R. actually had the F bomb in it and said we sell cards that shock people!!!   WOW!  I honestly don’t recall what joke and art I did for them but it must have been a gag about boogers.   🙂  After many year of staying away from selling to that kind of card  lines (since I’ve never been that good at writing dirty jokes) I  recently approached another card company similar to Comstock determined that this time, things would be different.    The publisher asked for some low brow “ideas” so I put my poor taste joke nose to the drawing board and  came up with 16 of my best “worst” ideas ever.   Certainly they’d see that I could tell a nasty joke with the best of em!   Just got the call.   None were nasty, dirty or shocking enough for them.  I need to up the humor  a lot more!

                                                                         End result was NO SALE!        Bummer.  

In truth though…. yah gotta sell what you’re good at.  Guess I’m more cutesy then smutty.  I do like that joke below about the snowflake slipping  on the bottom of someone’s shoe though.   :o)

NW Christmas 2NW Christmas 1


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