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November 3, 2009

Halloween Art

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Creating art on illustration board or on the computer screen is normally all I do as an artist.  All I REALLY want to do.  Yet in the last few years I’ve  found that there is other forms of creativity for me that is just as rewarding. And  I “think” it’s making me a better artist.

I’ve never been one to take pottery, photography, print making or countless other lessons  that teach you how to express yourself creatively.  Artistic outlets that help you understand form, light or design.  But I do like to decorate for the holidays.  Christmas is a big one for me and I enjoy Halloween too.  What’s odd is I’m not a horror movie fan and I don’t like gore!  But what started off as a few pumpkins on my walkway quickly turned into an elaborate yard scene filled with vampires and zombies.   Now that yard scene has  become a full-blown spooky haunted tour.  For the second year in a row, my neighbor and I joined forces with our friends and family and put on a pretty good show for the community.  We had over 21 actors, 7 separate scenes and I belive we had over 250 trick or treators come through my yard.

Creatively I really enjoy the art of making the props, costumes and setting up various scenes with some acting involved.   This seems like it would have little to do with being an illustrator but as I tell my students, draw what you see around you.  When I look at a blank piece of paper I see mentally how the final piece should be in a few hours.  I think it’s the same way with the Halloween show.  Except the blank piece of paper  is actually my lawn and I saw what it should look like way back in September. 

Although this paricular post has little to do with art from my sketch book, I’m simply showing  how I get my inspiration.  Case in point– the two images below.  That’s me  in my home-made scarecrow outfit and stand I made perched 4 feet off the ground.  Inspired by The Wizard of Oz scene I saw as a child.  And theres my witch punting a football 4 yard down field.  Inspired by a memory of my son and I having fun kicking the ball back and forth a few weeks ago.  The two may seem totally unrelated  but they actually are.  I’m always inspired by what I see!  I just never know when it’ll come out.

ScarecrowFootball witch 2


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