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January 14, 2010

When I was a Student

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I was putting away Christmas decorations this past weekend and I spotted my very old (and very dusty) student portfolio tucked away in the corner of my attic.  I hadn’t looked at it in many years and  it’s very  embarrassing to view the work I used to do.  Yet I know as an artist, each piece you create  over your life is simply stepping stones to the next one you’ll create.  Why?  Because you’re ALWAYS learning.   I’m thankful that I still  have this portfolio to  reflect back on for that reason.   In fact I  always encourage my students to never throw away their work so they too can look back someday on their own artist journey.

That said, this particular image really caught me off guard.  Dated 1979, it  firmly places me in middle school.  I belive I would have been about eleven years old.  As I looked at it, I couldn’t help but wonder why such a young student’s  work  would show  such despair.    I’m sure it was a classroom collage project and I can vaguely recall working on those hands.  But why the smokey city and what’s the deal with those clothespins. Ouch!!   I’m just not sure why I would have chosen such a desolate scene to depict.  Maybe I had a bad day at recess. 🙂

Whatever the reason for this work of art– I know Art is a journey.  And I’m thankful that my  journey over the last few years has taken me towards the job of a humorous illustrator rather than creating art that makes people want to run for the hills.


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