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February 19, 2010

Awesome Artists

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The road to becoming a good  freelance artist is a bumpy one.  What helps smooth it out for me  though is an art community that supports and encourages each other. This community support can be on-line or in person. Following is my own  list of favorite artist that in there own way have helped shape the artist I’ve become today.

Paula Becker: Paula’s light-hearted art simply jumps off the page for me. Her “mostly” digitally created color and line work is bright, beautiful and FUN!!! I’m always amazed at the movement she can give her characters with line work or most recently, saturated color work. Paula is always approachable to my questions and has been a marketing inspiration to me in many ways.

Paige Keiser: Paige’s endearing and whimsical watercolors is what being a children’s book artist is all about. I actually want to climb into the scenes she’s created. I believe Paige works mostly traditional and in my opinion is a master of her craft. Like Paula, Paige is also very approachable and has been wonderful during the times we’ve talked over email.  

Mike Marini: Mike and I go way back.  As a staff artist at Paramount Greeting Cards and then temporary art director, Mike and I  eventually became real friends . We’ve shared countless rides to NYC trade shows and have even collaborated on our own line of greeting cards entitled 9th Floor.  Mike’s artistic approach is very diverse and he shares my passion for greeting cards.  Mike is someone I truly admire and have been blessed to get to know him first hand.

Steve Bjorkman:  Long before I started to lean towards becoming a humorous illustrator, I noticed small spot drawings in Reader’s Digest magazine that really blew me away. Clean, simple, effortless.  Each image filled with motion yet lacking overbearing line work. Even back in the early 90’s I knew his style of art should be in galleries!  I’ve placed Steve’s talent on my own artist pedicle for many years and was recently dumbfounded by the fact that he accepted my friendship request on-line.  To me he is one of the greats and although I don’t actually know him first hand, I know his style!  I love his style!

Mort Drucker: Many people think of Mad magazine and don’t give it much thought again.  But real artists know that Mort Drucker is the Norman Rockwell of caricatures. Regardless of the fact that his spot on celebrity likenesses are awesome, even more amazing to me his how his talent fills the page with LIFE!  With Mort it’s the details that count. The pull of a characters clothing creating believable realism. The grip of his characters hands drawing you into a scene. All STUNNING details that have inspired me for years as a caricature artist.  Thank you Mort!

Rick Stromoski: With Rick it’s simple for me. His stuff is just awesomely funny!  I noticed his art years ago when I first got going in the greeting card industry.  Rick seems to use magic markers to illustrate much of his work and that appeals to me.  His cartoons (and cartoon strip) is delightful and like so many artists I’ve admired, I’ve found that he is also very approachable.   Rick’s stuff rocks.

Charles Schulz:  I’ve talked at length in another blogs about the early inspiration Charles was to me. His work still affects what I do to this day. I’ve recently been laboring over a series of books and when I try to take my own advice and JUST DRAW… my own natural style tends to be very Schulz like.  I previously mentioned that I place certain artists up on pedicle.  With good old Sparky (Charles nickname) I place my love for his talent in a helicopter flying high above anyone else.

So there you go. Although I’m constantly inspired by other artists on a daily basis, this list is a good representation of artist that have pushed me with their own talent to become better at what I do myself.   Thank you!!!


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