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March 15, 2010

Nice Surprise

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Every now and then you open up an email and you’re treated to a nice little surprise.  A batch of greeting cards I had submitted last Fall and  had originally been rejected, were reviewed again and five or six in the batch were actually chosen.  As nice as the sale is, there is also more of an “artistic happiness” thing going on here.  On rare occasion I have drawn something that I really liked and when it’s rejected, you wonder what it was that they hadn’t liked about it. It leaves you bummed out and wondering what you’re doing wrong. You doubt yourself and wonder if you even know what is marketable anymore.  The sketch below is one of those drawings.   There is a certain quality to the snowmen that I like and when it was originally rejected it got me scratching my head. Well timing is everything and  now that it actually sold and I’m  allowed to take it to finished, my faith is restored in my own “design eye”.  Of course this good feeling will only last until I literally start the finished in color and worry about messing it up.  Then of course there is that other batch of Halloween cards that was rejected. And that book project.  Oh boy! That book project really has me doubting myself.    In the end  I guess I’m more like Charlie Brown then I thought! 🙂  


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