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February 2, 2011

Freelance snow removal

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Over my 43 years I’ve survived quite a few nasty winters.  I can actually recall digging out from the infamous Blizzard of 78 (A big one even by New England standards.)   So typically us hearty chowda lovers  just grin and bear the white stuff without really complaining. 

My favorite winter memory though wasn’t so much a huge storm. Rather it was a situation that at the time stressed me out. It was 1996 and my son had just been born.  To better care for him I had just moved the business back home after holding shop on the 9th floor of an office building for roughly ten years.  At that highrise location, parking wasn’t an issue because customers parked in a large garage and walked right in snow free. I didn’t have to deal with snow removal at all.  But once I moved home, if a customer was scheduled to stop by and the weather was bad, I HAD to make sure that the drive way and entrance were snow free.  So many a frantic morning or afternoon was spent by quickly bundling up my newborn, placing him  a car seat and dragging him outside into whatever Mother Nature was throwing at the Scott Nelson and Son driveway.  Shovel– slide him along.  Shovel some more — slide him along some more.  Crazy and hectic at the time but after thinking back, what a good guy my son was to never get fussy in the snow or cry from the cold when thrown into snowplow mode.  Collin is now 15 and he now removes snow from that very same driveway that I used to push him around in.  And  he  still doesn’t complain.  I’m very lucky to have him by my side!  Thanks Col.  

( The snowy life of my studio sign and driveway…..Time lapse …One week in January)



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