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February 8, 2011

Hire an Illustrator

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A long-long time ago I read that an artist should market him or herself at least 75% of their work week.  “Total dribble”, I though!  “When would you have time to actually draw then if all you did was market?”  Well  years later and after suffering through many, many, manyyyyyyy months of this poor economy, I’d just like to say that whomever wrote that dribble is the smartest person who has ever walked on this earth.  Sure it took about 43 years and many falls from a skateboard on my head for it to sink in but I finally realized that you REALLY do need to market your work 24-7 all year-long.  But marketing doesn’t have to be pound on a door and force someone to look at your portfolio every day. It should simply just be part of your day to day life. Make it fun and if possible, don’t treat  it as work if you can help it.  Using tools like social media can help keep it light and regular advertising channels are fine too.   But  don’t forget to simply chat with people.  Word of mouth really does work. And oh yes…don’t just  don’t bla, bla , bla about yourself for hours. People see through that quickly and you can actually ruin a good thing.   The soft sell works!

I’ve joined a bunch of on-line sites who will promote your work for free or for a fee.   I recently joined the awesome artists at Hire and Illustrator .com and am very impressed with them.  Not only do they have a professional site, they’re diligent about emailing  ANY question you have and they’re nice!  Nice is good in my book.  So check me and the over 300 other artists out at .  


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