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February 26, 2011

When good ideas go bye bye. Stickman Productions

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When I relocated my business from a swanky highrise office location to a home based studio, I recall that at the time  I was felt like I was going backwards in my career.  As it turned out, it was the best decision I ever made (a story for another day.)   What made the transition easier though was during the MOVE I was in the middle of doing work for a T-shirt business startup.   The product line was called Stickman Sports and the idea was as follows…. 

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.   A VERY BASIC looking Stickman frontman character would be depicted individually on three different T-shirts.  For example, if your father was a good golfer, you’d give him the Good Golfer stickman shirt.  If he was a Bad Golfer, you’d give him the Bad Golfer stickman shirt.  And if your Father was an Ugly (angry, hot head,whomp his clubs against a tree kind of guy)  you’d buy him the Ugly golfer shirt.    I think we did 10 different sports and for each concept you had 3 different choices.  A lot of drawing and a fun project.

But what happened to Stickman Sports?   I never found out.  I knew my customer was selling shirts at a local mall but then I never heard back from him.   Usually I know what happens to concepts over time but the failure of this product still bugs me to this day because it was only a few years later that the Life is Good Character took off.   So the L.I.G. company should  have been ME!!! Lol.  I’m not saying  that they were the same concepts. Life is good looks nothing like mine.  Simply saying that the market was ready for a basic looking stickman character at that time yet it just wasn’t to be.  Anyhoo–  keep me in mind if you have any T-shirt line concepts and keep your eyes open for a retro Stickman sports shirt. It could be worth money.

Photo showing black and white Stickman soccer flyer (difficult to see product quality.)      Second photo shows one of the  images on a mug closer to the quality depicted on the shirts.



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