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December 17, 2012

Face to Face–Soft Sell

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WOW!  The choices an artist has on the way he or she conducts their business has really changed!

In 1987 (the year I opened) the best way to capture an assignment or order was to knock on a door and show my portfolio.  If that didn’t work I’d send out a flyer or maybe entice someone via my phone book add. Looking back it seems kind of archaic and painfully slow.  On a good day I pitched my work to maybeeeeee three or four people. Today the internet allows one to capture literally hundreds of potential customers every hour of the week  That’s a good thing__ Or is it?

Because EVERYONE and their brother is essentially doing the same thing to capture said business how do you stand out in a crowd when they’re being bombarded from all sides?  Marketing folks speculate that you have roughly .08 second to capture someones attention on-line and then another 1.1 second to get them to stay on what they noticed in the first.  Even then chances are good that they are not going to look much longer then a few more seconds.  In the event they really start to consider your offer  savvy people will then compare your product to a dozen or so more just like it with only a few clicks of the mouse.   With that kind of competition it’s a small wonder any artist sells anything.

So what’s the solution?  Well if I knew that I’d be a rich add executive somewhere or maybe some late night info commercial guy pitching my “How to capture customers in 23 easy steps” DVD.  But here is a secret I want to share_______  Face to Face time.  Wow– all that blabbing for something you already knew?  But the simple fact is most people don’t actually do it. When was the last time you showed your portfolio or work in person?  People are busy and don’t have time anymore though so you have to be sneaky. Soft sell em.  For example I was out the other evening and I bumped into an old friend who I hadn’t seen in years.  He quickly asked me how work was going. I immediately changed the topic back to him.  Asked how his daughters were and his own job.  He mentioned that his oldest LOVED sports and couldn’t get enough of all the major New England stick and ball teams. That’s when I moved back in for a sale and said,  “Hey, have you every considered a caricature of her dressed as a Patriot, Bruins, Red Sox or Celtic player?  Ding_Ding_Ding– another sale.  A sale I hadn’t gotten with countless social media posts or links to my web site.  Was it because he was happy to see me thus he bought my art?  Perhaps.  Yet I’ve been Face Books friends with him for the last four years and he had never considered buying anything before.

So, if you’re struggling with the artist marketing thing like I am don’t be afraid to go back to basics and put in the face time.  Purple Pup 2JPG


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