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February 15, 2013

Old Schooling It

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Art can be done by anyone using anything.  It doesn’t matter to me if you use a computer, pencil, crayon or you dip a stick in mud and paint on a rock.  It’s all good.

That said, I often I feel the pressure to use photoshop to keep up with what others are doing. Truthfully I’ve never really cared to learn that technique. Why? I don’t know.  I guess it’s because the way the program functions is  based on math equations.  Now I know using formulas to capture distances allows an image to be shrunken or enlarged and the original picture will always look the same. I just don’t like it. Drawing digitally in JPG formats(Corel Essentials) is my weapon of choice.  I somehow feel more in control and simply want to keep my bad experiences in Algebra class away from my drawing.

Over the last few years I started painting on location and have gotten some great feedback on this new approach. I love it! Yet I still love my cartoon and illustration work so when I started fusing the two looks together photoshop could become very handy.  But to me part of the whole “out in the elements –hands on experience” should not totally stop when I add my characters to the paintings.  A pair of handy dandy scissors works just as well as photoshop for me.

Attached in this post are the characters I painted in watercolor.  I cut them out… placed them exactly how I wanted them, photographed the who picture then digitally removed the small blemishes.  

So is this approach really “Old School”.  No.  But it’s not how most people would do it and that’s OK with me.  I’m not most people.  🙂 




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