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October 8, 2013

Plein Air Painting “Get to it!”

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Plein Air Painting (the act of painting out in the environment) has become a new passion of mine that I don’t see fading anytime soon. Unrealized in art school, I would often watch my instructor Alex Gazonas and class mate Jonathan Hotz visit local scenic views before, during and after class. Always impressed by their landscape efforts but unsure of my own talent level to follow them, I stuck to the controlled studio space.  In the case of student Mr. Hotz, each time he went outside his results would skyrocket to a new level.  By the end of the school year his watercolors were on par with the instructors. He has since moved on to oil paints and his landscapes sell for thousands of dollars each.  Natural talent for sure but I know for certain had he sat inside painting he wouldn’t have improved so quickly.

As I’ve talked over the last few years, you really don’t see nature the way it is unless you get out there and sit in the dirt and “get to it.”  Wind, bugs, temperature changes, sun, etc, etc all factor how your finished piece may or may not come out.  With that in mind I’ve started my own local plein air painting and drawing club for my home town.  With the creation of a simple Face Book page I’ve been able to reach out to other artists in my community and venture out to our own scenic spots of interest.  Once the group has enough days under our belts my home will be to have a local art show showcasing the plein air beauty unnoticed by many.

So, I’ll continue pressing forward with my cards, books, caricatures, logos, T-shirt designs, humorous illustrations, product design, portraits and just about anything else I can draw to earn a living as an artist … but don’t be surprised if more and more of my posts revolve around plein art painting.

Image Image

Wells Beach Cottage 3Image


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